Personal Products: Do They Put You At Risk

Many of us have a hundred personal products that we use everyday. It is estimated that women use as many as 12 different products before leaving their home in the morning. Those 12 products may contain as many as 168 different ingredients. The question is: do you know what those ingredients do to your body!

There are more than 60,000 chemicals we are exposed to in our food, the air, our water and personal care products we use every day. They are extremely dangerous, and the reason is because they muck up the delicate metabolism of the cell.

Personal care products are highly unregulated but that is about to change;  The Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2018 was just introduced in September. If passed, it would ban several ingredients from those products and require full disclosure of ingredients.

The woman interviewed for this story, Eve Prang Plews, died in September. She suffered from a life-long illness that she chose not to talk about. Instead, she dedicated her life to teaching how to protect and preserve our health. You can read her story here:


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