Do You Get Cold Easily?

Do you get cold easily? Are you the one who is always is the coldest person in the room? What if being that cold all the time isn’t in your head? Or your DNA? Were you aware that there are several reasons why you may be freezing even if the temperature outside isn’t?

Similar to your body using a fever to fight off an illness, your body also uses cooler body temperatures to signal health issues. So, if you think just because the weather is colder, you are going to be colder;  that may not be the case!

In order to help you figure out if your chilliness is hereditary or a possible medical problem, Carolyn Steber shares 9 health issues that can lower your body temperature. Not one has anything to do with the weather!


Not only do we deal with being cold, we also deal with hair loss. Even though we lose most of our hair during the fall season, and that is totally normal, there are certain scenarios that lead to hair loss. In this article, Rachel Moss shares the leading causes for thinning hair.


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