Do Processed Foods Help Treat Hashimotos

Do Processed Foods Help Treat Hashimotos

Do processed foods fit into a diet that is tailored for those who suffer from Hashimotos? Or is it a part of your diet you have to abandon?

In this article by Phoebe Lapin on, she shares her journey to healthier eating and how difficult it was to maintain. She documented the changes she made each month and at the end of the year, she reevaluated which changes made a difference in her health and which changes weren’t worth the effort.

You can read about the changes and how they helped or hurt her health here:


This article by Antonella Kahler, she shares the ins and outs of dieting and exercising with thyroid issues. She shares tips on dieting to lose weight when dealing with a sluggish thyroid. Plus, she includes information on how quick weight loss can harm your health even more!


For those who are always looking to improve our health, here is a super food to try: wheat grass juice!

You can read the benefits in this article from


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