Hormone Imbalances: Does It Matter When You Are 20

Hormone imbalances can be a problem at any age but what about if you are in your 20’s? Do you still need to worry?  According to  New York City–based holistic ob-gyn Eden Fromberg, D.O., “in today’s modern world, with hormone balance becoming increasingly compromised by environmental factors such as extreme stress, exposure to harmful chemicals, and Westernized diets, taking your understanding and awareness to the next level, especially through the lens of fertility is essential—particularly in your 20s, when you’re setting the stage for your overall wellness.”

In this article by Lauren Valenti on Vogue, she discusses the must-know information and tips for a lifestyle that promotes tip-top hormonal balance:



A new research paper argues convincingly that universal thyroid screening in early pregnancy holds promise for improving fetal and maternal outcomes. So , why wouldn’t everyone agree that screening is a good thing?

You can read about the research here:



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