Can You Have Too Much Medicine

Too much medicine! Is that even a possibility in today’s modern health care facilities? Now, doctors are questioning the increasing numbers of patients being over diagnosed, especially when it comes to cancer.  And thyroid cancer is at the top of the list.

Cultural beliefs that more tests and treatments are better, financial incentives at the health-system level, and public expectations that clinicians will ‘do something’ are some of the reasons behind the growth, according to the researchers.

You can read Professor Paul Glasziou’s view of this issue here:,-experts-warn


Now that we covered the fact that it’s possible to have your thyroid removed when it doesn’t necessarily have to be. In this article, John Gibbs shares the reasons you may need to have your thyroid removed, the procedure, the risks and side effects and the recovery period. I will add that he refers to only taking a synthetic thyroid hormone if you might need additional hormones. However, many holistic and functional medicine doctors will tell you that most patients who have their thyroids’ removed have better symptom control when T3 hormones are added to their T4 replacement hormones.


In this video, Dr. Axe shares the symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency. Some of them you would never believe are due to a B12 deficiency!


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