Does Autoimmune Disease Cause Hypothyroidism

Autoimmune disease is a diagnosis that many are hearing these days. This diagnosis can be for many different areas of the body but for many women it is their thyroid that is attacked. These attacks can either cause your thyroid to release too much thyroid hormone or cause your thyroid to shrink and become non-functioning.

However, not all hypothyroidism is actually a autoimmune disease, there are several reasons you might be hypothyroid. In this article by John, posted on, he shares other possible causes:

Is Hypothyroidism An Autoimmune Disease?


I found this article but I don’t really agree with it. One way the author states to balance hormones is to take a synthetic thyroid hormones, while the  way to boost sex hormones is to lose 10% of your body weight! You can judge for yourself:


Not all symptoms you will have when you hypothyroid are the obvious. There are a few that even doctors don’t know are related to poor thyroid function. In this article, Carina Wolff shares 7 not-so-obvious symptoms:


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