Stress and Weight Loss

Stress and Weight Loss

Stress and weight loss are two topics always in the news. Why is it we struggle so much with these two issues? We stress over gaining weight, we stress over losing weight, so where does it end? Then, add in the stress of a certain party, or a class reunion or maybe a wedding and then we stress about what others will think about our weight! Then we eat something we know we shouldn’t and the cycle continues!

As frustrating as this is, there are solutions! I have been down this road, so I know it can be better! You have to break the cycle. The cycle of stress that includes your adrenals, your thyroid, your liver and your gut. Yes, they are all intertwined and stress has a negative effect on them all.

To help you get back on track to losing weight, Sue Ingebretson shares how balancing your gut health can lead to overall improved health and that weight loss!

Why Chronic Stress Undermines Weight Loss


The bad news is fall is here and that means cold and flu season is here. The good news is you can ease a common cold with zinc. In this article by Tamim Alnuweiri, she shares 5 benefits of zinc and 7 foods that are great sources of the mineral. Just in time!

Bookmark this list of the best sources of zinc before cold and flu season starts


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