Thyroid Medications

Thyroid medications are a one size fits all according to most doctors. But is that really true? From my experience, it is! The majority of conventional  doctors I have seen for my thyroid disease all tell me there is only one thyroid medicine they will prescribe and that is Synthroid or the generic version Levothyroxine. They have told me all kinds of excuses why I don’t need to try any other thyroid medication. The part of this story I find the craziest is the fact that no matter how bad you feel, your doctor will try to make you believe it’s all in your head! This convincing is attempted as they write you  prescriptions for an anti-depressant,  one for your out-of-control cholesterol, and yet another one for anxiety. Your visit is then concluded with a smile and a comment about how they wish you felt better, and be sure to come back in 6 months so we can recheck you cholesterol!

Now, that I have shared how I feel about levothyroxine, I want to share the following article plus podcast on why you would only need a T4 medication. This information is from Dr, Ruscio, in which he shares why only T4 thyroid hormones should be given when starting treatment and when treating sub-clinical hypothyroidism.  He states that the majority of people appear to respond best to T4 alone. He also addresses the need to treat any gut issues you may have to feel better.

You can read his article here. But, no matter how many studies are done, there will always be a certain percentage of patients who do not do well on T4 only medication, but do much better on a combination T4 and T3 hormones. Just the way it is, no shaming needed!

Choosing the Right Thyroid Medication – An Evidenced-Based Algorithm and a SIBO Study


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