A Flat Belly: Is That Even Possible?

A flat belly is the goal everyone wants to achieve. Face it, it is the one thing most people want in life to look their best. But not having a flat belly can be caused by more than just weight gain. In the following article by Emily DiNuzzo on Reader’s digest, she shares the reasons why you may have more weight gain around the middle than you prefer and what you can do to get flat belly you have always wanted!



In this article by Aparna Prakash and posted on Zliving, she shares how different proteins affect your hormones. Though experts have not been able to link the effect of proteins to each hormone in the body, there is enough data on how it can impact thyroid, estrogen and insulin. You can read about the impact theses proteins have on your health here:

Can a Balanced Intake of High-Protein Foods Regulate Your Hormones?


In this article by Cait Corcoran, we continue to share how different types of foods, in this case a plant-based diet, can improve your thyroid hormones. For those who are interested in trying some recipes that feature plant-based nutrients, this article shares several energizing recipes to help boost your thyroid.

How a Plant-Based Diet Can Boost Energy Levels and Regulate Thyroid Hormones



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