Quality of Life Poor When Taking Levothyroxine

Your quality of life may be poor even though you are taking levothyroxine, according to a new study. Patients with hypothyroidism may continue to have symptoms despite their treatment with levothyroxine.  More than half (53.6%) of the patients with any one of these symptoms including weight gain, dry or coarse skin, leg swelling, feeling weak, and carpal tunnel syndrome have experienced varying negative effects on their Quality of Life.

You can read Roxanne Nelson’s report on Endcrinology Advisor here:


This article by Kelly Bryant on the Readers Digest website shares 13 thyroid facts everyone should know. Some of these facts are great reminders!



This story is amazing! The mystery of the Mona Lisa’s smile claims to have been solved by a team of medics from the USA.  They believe the subject was suffering from hypothyroidism. Previous examinations of the 16th century masterpiece have suggested she was suffering high cholesterol, heart disease – or even syphilis. The limited treatments available at the time would have meant she would have died much younger, but she lived to the age of 63, ruling those diseases out.

You can read the full story by Guy Birchall that he posted on The Sun.com



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