Biotin: Not Just for Hair Skin and Nails

Biotin: Not Just for Hair Skin and Nails

Biotin is not just for hair, skin and nails; even though that’ s when we hear about it the most. This nutrient also keeps your eyes, liver and nervous system healthy too. It is also a crucial nutrient during pregnancy, helping your baby grow. Aside from that, biotin assists in energy production and helps lower blood pressure for those struggling with diabetes, and it has also been proven effective in treating multiple sclerosis, which is a serious autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system.

The following article by ParisLynn shares all you need to know about crucial nutrient:

Why Biotin Isn’t Beneficial for Just Hair


In this article from,  Everyday Health noted six nutrients that may be beneficial for those with hypothyroidism, a condition in which their thyroid doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone: iodine, vitamin B, selenium, zinc, tyrosine, and vitamin D.

You can read the full article here:


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