Is Our Food Causing Our Hormone Problems?

Is Our Food Causing Our Hormone Problems? Most of us try to balance everything in our lives, including our hormones. Hormones control everything from your fertility to your metabolism, mood, appetite, and even heart rate. And everything in our lives has an effect on those hormones. One of the biggest factors causing problems with our hormones is our food supply. This is in addition to the chemicals added to our plastics. I posted an article about that subject on Monday. You can read that story here:

It seems that just about everything we are exposed to has a negative effect on our bodies. To help minimize the damage all those chemicals are doing, here is an article by Shannon Bauer from Shape, that shares 5 food related problems for your hormones:


This article by Jim Butschli, shares the concern about how safe our medicines are that come from other counties.  Rosemary Gibson, a Hastings Center healthcare expert estimates that “80 percent of the ingredients in U.S.-branded pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter drugs start out in either China or India.”  Gibson was also quoted as saying, “FDA recalls are a reminder that China controls much of the world’s drug supply. China doesn’t have anything like the consumer protection laws and product liability laws like the United States does.”


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