Are Plastics Really Harming Our Children?

Are Plastics Really Harming Our Children?

Are plastics really harming our children? This question has been asked for years, without any real answers.  But, what actually are the concerns here? It turns out that the chemicals added to plastics are actually extremely dangerous to our growing children.  Prenatal and early exposure to BPA and phthalates can affect a child throughout their entire life. The repercussions can manifest in any number of ways, regardless of sex.

Due to how widely these chemicals are used, exposure can be lifelong. BPA use is reduced in the production of certain plastics, and phthalates are currently being regulated out of toys, but there are still no real guidelines about safe levels of phthalates in pregnant women. Many endocrine specialists have recommended that pregnant women stay away from processed food (which is often in contact with plastic) and keep a close eye on the ingredients of their cosmetics. Stainless steel and glass dishes are safer options for heating food (although not stainless steel in the microwave, obviously.) But even with those precautions, BPA and phthalates are found nearly everywhere. And that is a huge concern for all of us.

You can read the full story by Matthew Utley that was published on

BPA & Phthalates: The Reason Why Plastic is Dangerous for Children


This story posted by the Grand Rapids News shares another dangerous chemical exposure found in the water near an elementary school.


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