Summer Heat and Your Medications

Summer heat can affect your medications according to a new report citing heat and thyroid medication as cause of death of a young boy in Arizona. Doctors believe certain active thyroid medications may increase the body’s metabolic rate and cause increased heat generation.  Dr. Mazda Shirazi, Medical Director with Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center, says that certain medications could make you feel these effects even more. He states medications for blood pressure could also be a factor leading to increased over-heating of the body.

You can read Stephanie Weaver’s report here:


With the increase of thyroid cancer, many are facing having a biopsy of nodules on their thyroid. Here are the six possible results of a biopsy, by

Dr. Richard B. Guttler Clinical Thyroidologist, Sonologist, and Interventional Thyroid Radiologist.

Thyroid 101: What are the possible results of the nodule biopsy?


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