Foods to Avoid or Not

There are foods to avoid according to the thyroid experts and then there are foods that are good for you. So, how do you know if what you are going to have for your next meal is really good for you? That can be a difficult decision, but it all depends on your health concerns and needs. In this first article by Beth Weinhouse that was posted on the Readers Digest site, she shares 9 foods you should avoid if you have thyroid disease. The first foods listed are kelp and sea vegetables, stating that they are extremely high in iodine and have the potential to disrupt your iodine levels if you already have thyroid disease. OK, good to know!

However, I also found an article this week on the Female First website that shares the 7 benefits of eating sea vegetables that include the advantage of more iodine in your diet, not to mention the beneficial nutrients of magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin C and B2 that are key to maintaining your energy levels. We all know how important that energy is when dealing with thyroid disease.

Now, where do you go from here? As with everything in your life now, you have to determine what is best for your health and your health conditions. Only you know which foods to avoid and which foods have a positive effect your health. Bottom line is you have to be your own best advocate if you want a healthier and happier life.

Here is the second article I referred to:


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