Do Medications Increase Thyroid Problems

Do Medications Increase Thyroid Problems

Do Medications Increase Thyroid Problems? Are there medications that cause you to develop thyroid disease or is it that those medications interfere with the thyroid medication?

It may surprise you to know that there is a long list of medications that can alter thyroid function, interfere with thyroid tests or even interfere with your thyroid medication. Up to 15% of patients in the United States take thyroid hormone for thyroid disease. What also may surprise you is that many of these common medications may be silently interfering with your thyroid function or your thyroid medication. And medications aren’t the only things to interfere with your thyroid medication either, even some supplements (such as calcium) can bind to and inactivate the thyroid hormone when you ingest it. These two factors combined make it very important for you to understand the basics of thyroid function and the impact prescription medications have on it.

This post by Dr. Westin Childs will teach you about these medications, what to do if you are taking one of these medications and your next steps.

Can Medications Cause Thyroid Problems? *Supplements & Medications to Avoid*


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