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T3 lab tests are crucial to understanding how your body is using thyroid hormone. The measurement of free T3 is telling you how much free and active thyroid hormone your body as available to work with.

The TSH is a proxy marker for how well the pituitary is functioning but it does NOT tell you how much hormone is in the body.

When you break it down in this way it just becomes obvious that we would want to look at the active thyroid hormone (free T3 and free T4) but this logic is lost on many patients and doctors.

Avoid falling into this trap! The free T3 can give you seriously helpful information about how your thyroid is functioning.

This is such an important article on thyroid testing. I have had doctors who will only test TSH in order to monitor my thyroid disease. The problem with that plan for me is my TSH levels need to be under .1 for me to feel well, while my free T3 and free T4 levels are right in the middle of the test ranges. All the doctors I have seen with the exception of my functional medicine doctor totally freak out when my TSH is that low! And they refuse to test T3 or T4, stating it’s not important! Not important for who!!!!

You can read Dr. Childs recommendations for testing free T3 here:

Why Free T3 & Total T3 are the Most Important Thyroid Lab Tests


In this article by Dr. Edward Group, he shares the importance of iodine for a healthy thyroid.


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