Cancer Survivors Have Higher Risk for Endocrine Diseases

Cancer survivors have a higher risk for endocrine diseases according to a Danish population-based study. Adolescent and young adult cancer survivors — defined as those who had a cancer diagnosis when aged 15 to 39 years — differ from younger and older patients with cancer in terms of biology, epidemiology and clinical outcomes. This population also is at risk for long-term morbidity associated with their cancer or cancer treatment.

This study was conducted by Mette Vestergaard Jensen, MD, research scholar at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center. According to Dr. Jensen, few studies have explored the long-term effects of cancer and its treatment in this population. As more young adults and children are successfully treated for cancer, we need to be aware of the other diseases they are at risk of developing.

You can read the full report here:


I ran across this article about diabetes. It shares the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Even though the story is from South Africa, it explains the differences between the two types, the common symptoms, the common differences and the treatment options.

Here is the full story from Mandy Freeman:


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