Massachusetts State Senate Bans Flame Retardants

Massachusetts state senate passed a bill last Thursday to ban 11 toxic flame retardants from children’s products, bedding, and residential upholstered furniture sold or manufactured in the Commonwealth.

Since 1975, manufacturers have added chemical flame retardants to a wide array of household items. Flame retardants are commonly found in products with polyurethane foam, such as sofas, car seats, strollers, and nap mats. They are also incorporated into electronic products and building insulation. Research has shown that flame retardants migrate out of products into household air and dust and are found in the blood of almost every American tested.

Senator Cynthia Stone Creem (D-Newton) and 32 co-sponsors filed S.2555 An act to protect children and firefighters from harmful flame retardants. A similar bill, H.1245, has been filed in the House by Representative Marjorie Decker (D-Cambridge). The flame retardants banned by Creem’s bill have been linked to increased risk of cancer, fertility problems, neurological disorders, and other serious health concerns.

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This report from Airway Heights, WA shares  new study released Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that perfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS, are more dangerous at lower levels than previously thought.


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