New Thyroid Study Calls for Health Minister To Step Down

New Thyroid Study Calls for Health Minister To Step Down

A new thyroid study done in France has led to people calling for the health minister to step down. The new formula of Levothyrox, the primary treatment for people suffering from under-active thyroid problems and cancers, was released in February 2017 by manufacturing laboratory Merck. Soon after, reports began to emerge that the new drug was not working, with up to half a million patients reporting the return of negative symptoms and even of thyroid cancers that had previously been kept in check by the old drug formula. At one point, the AFMT said it was receiving over 1,000 complaints per day.

The laboratory also denied any presence of another contentious molecule: dextrogyre, in its new or old formulas of the drug – another subject of the AFMT’s investigation. Dextrogyre, another kind of thyroid drug, has come under scrutiny in recent years after being banned in the United States due to alleged side-effects including cramps, headaches and hair loss.

You can read the full report here:


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