Heart Disease Risk For Men Increased After Thyroid Cancer

Heart disease risk for men increases after thyroid cancer diagnosis according to a new study. “Thyroid cancer survivors are at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease,” Mia Hashibe, PhD, of the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, said in a press release. “Our study found that male thyroid cancer survivors have an almost 50% higher risk of developing CVD than women, while thyroid cancer survivors with obesity have a 41% higher risk.”

In the 1 to 5 years after thyroid cancer diagnosis, 1,719 patients (45%) developed at least one cardiac or vascular disease, according to researchers.   This information is good to know if the man or men in your life have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

You can read the full report from  healio.com here:



I found this story interesting this week. It is about intermittent fasting. Now, I have never fasted, since I am one who gets a headache if I don’t eat. But I have heard from many who have had great results as far as improved health and mental clarity that come from doing fasts.

In this article by Chelsie Craig, you can read the dos and don’ts for intermittent fasting.



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