Healing Hormone Imbalance

Healing hormone imbalances can be a challenge as we all know, but here is a story from a person who has struggled with poor health for most of her life. She has suffered with poor gut health and a weak immune system. She was born in Poland , she had eczema and chronic ear infections as a child, in addition she lived near the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which has some of the highest rates of thyroid disease per capita in the world. Fed up with the cystic acne, she read that gluten could be the culprit. Coupled with some food intolerance tests, she quit eating gluten, dairy, and eggs, and the majority of my symptoms went away. I was fascinated and encouraged.

Then in 2008, her health again went into a tailspin. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s but since her thyroid markers were “normal” and her antibodies were sky-high (more than 1,000 IU/mL when they should be below 30 IU/mL), she was sent home with no treatment options. Since she lived in Shanghai, she started seeing a traditional Chinese medicine doctor who helped her get her antibodies down by half. She also had symptoms of adrenal burnout and estrogen dominance.

Then she moved to the United States and started nutrition school. You can read the rest of Magdalena Wszelaki’s story and her tips to balance your hormones here:



Here is another article I found that uses natural remedies for healing autoimmune diseases. While conventional doctors would have you believe that you need to be on medications for life or take other drastic measures to control your autoimmunity, there are simple lifestyle changes you can adopt to live a long, healthy, and symptom-free life.

You can read Amy Meyers, M.D. 5 step approach to reverse autoimmunity here:




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