Postpartum Blues: Is It A Thyroid Problem?

Postpartum Blues are not classified as thyroid problems although many women go through the blues after giving birth. It’s common for a woman to experience the blues after a birth, but they can suffer from other health conditions and one such condition is postpartum thyroiditis. They say it’s not common, but I have known several women who have suffered with this condition. It can last over a year and make life extremely difficult for the new mother and her family. I posted an article on Monday that makes reference to the depression and anxiety that those with thyroid disease can suffer with:

I can’t imagine what it’s like having depression, anxiety, thyroid disease and a new baby all at the same time. Talk about anxiety! You can read the full report by Debjani Arora here:


In this report by Luke Coutimho, he shares that any kind of hormonal imbalance in the body will give us certain signs and signals. These can include hair fall, sudden gain in weight, digestive issues, unable to lose weight, constant fatigue, depression and anxiety and having a low sex drive. His focus of treating the root cause of hormonal problem will help us get rid of the diseases instead of being continuously dependent on medicines.


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