Depression and Anxiety With Thyroid Disease

Depression and Anxiety With Thyroid Disease

Depression and anxiety with thyroid disease is a common problem according to a new study. About 45% of people with depressive disorders and 30% of those with anxiety also have autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT), according to the findings. According to Dr. Teja Groemer, a researcher at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and resident psychiatrist in Bamberg, Germany, “This is really an evil combination of symptoms because patients feel helpless.”  “Often they are very irritated and try many different therapies and nothing works.”

To better understand these relationships, the authors conducted a systematic review of the literature. The 19 studies they included in their meta-analysis – the first of its kind to compare symptoms of anxiety and depression in people with and without AIT – involved more than 36,000 patients.

You can read the full report by Anne Harding here:


In this article by Laurel Gallucci, she shares how she changed her diet so she ate no dairy and no gluten. She reports how her life has changed with her diet change. I know my doctor has told me to eat only one serving of dairy a day. I personally have not noticed a difference in how I feel when I eliminate gluten, but I know many who do.


And then, I found this article from The Journal of Nutrition, about a study done on milk consumption by women of child bearing ages. It concludes that the iodine in milk helps with the brain development of a fetus.  A reminder to all: you have to do what is best for your body!

Does drinking cow’s milk improve iodine levels in women?


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