Laughter: It Really Is the Best Medicine

Laughter is can be considered a drug of choice. We have heard many times that laughter is the best medicine. But, how true is that? If you think about it, how many times have you been out with friends: you have a great time, laughing, telling stories about things happening in your life, sharing what is not going well in your life, funny episodes with the kids, crazy things the family does, the list goes on. Then, on the way home, you think about how much fun you had! Then for the next few days, you are in a really good mood. Your spirits are lifted, the annoying things in life are less annoying and life seems happier.

But, what if you are dealing with a disease? Can laughing  really make you feel better? In this article by Shamin Malekmian, you can read how two people deal with the ups and downs using comedy.


In this article by Mari Gloria, she shares the importance of getting a physical exam if a man you know has man boobs. Many different health issues can cause breast growth in males.


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