911 Firefighters Facing Higher Cancer Risks

911 firefighters are facing a much higher risk of developing cancer than most. This is due to the chemicals the firefighters were exposed to during and after the attack. This follows the other recent articles on the higher rate of cancer that firefighters face due to the chemicals used against the fires of the fuels used in airplanes. I live in South Dakota and we have Ellsworth Air Base. Just last week the local news ran a story about the contaminated water supply from chemicals used to fight fuel fires at the air base. It seems to be an issue all over the country! I have posted an article on this subject before, you can read about the previous cancer concerns here: http://knowyourthyroid.com/2018/03/08/state-lawmakers-ban-toxic-foams/

You can read the full article on the Deccan Chronicle here:



This article from the Bristol Herald Courier brings to light another community concerned about the safety of their water supply. The concern is about the industrial chemical contaminant known as PFAS in the groundwater at a nearby landfill. Recent testing at the landfill found the PFAS levels well above advisory levels.



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