The Chemical Clean-up Fight Goes On

The chemical clean-up fight continues but the federal government’s response is slowing. The clean-up efforts are shifting to the states. Massachusetts, California and Maine have led the charge, but now Washington state has taken the lead.  When Stephen Swanson, a retired E.R. doctor, learned that his drinking water contained the industrial pollutant PFOA and several related chemicals, he was alarmed. He began to search for information about the chemicals; what he found was worrisome. Even at very low levels , PFOA exposure has been linked to certain cancers, thyroid disease, pre-eclampsia and other health problems.

You can read Sharon Lerner’s full article here:


This article is encouraging! It shares how officials in Michigan are working on “sustainability.”  U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, representative for the 6th U.S. House district, concurred that Michigan is the worst state for PFAS contamination at this time. He said that the spending bill recently signed by President Donald Trump included $63.8 million for research and remediation of PFAS, which are found in fire retardants used at airports and military bases, among other locations.

You can read John Matuszak’s report here:


This story made me cry. It’s about a woman dying of cancer who is trying to find homes for her cats. This is a dilemma that happens when more care is needed by the pet owner. I do home care so I have seen it several times and it’s heartbreaking. I hope she finds loving homes for her babies!


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