Simple Steps To A Healthier Home

There are some simple steps to a healthier home that you can take. The good part is many of them are easy to implement. They range from purchasing an organic mattress to adding a Himalayan salt lamp to your room. I had to laugh at the number of the items on the list I have already in place, for instance; we have a salt lamp, we don’t wear shoes in the house, we have an air purifier( my man has COPD), and our house is called “The Jungle” frequently because of the many houseplants growing there!

You can check out Alexa Erickson’s simple steps to a healthier home here:


This article is about a Kansas woman who is crediting her smart watch for saving her life. The alarm on the watch went off alerting her to the fact her heart was racing.  After a stop at urgent care, blood work revealed that she had a condition that raises your heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature to dangerous levels. Little did she know that her smart watch was alerting her to a thyroid storm, a potentially fatal health condition.

You can read her story from NEWSFIX in Kansas here:

‘I will not take it off’: Kansas woman credits smart watch with saving her life


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