Balancing Your Hormones Naturally

Balancing Your Hormones Naturally

Balancing your hormones naturally sounds like an easy solution doesn’t it? But, is this a solution that really works? And is it really that easy? Not to mention, what hormones are we talking about here?

The first hormone mentioned here is thyroid. This hormone regulates just about every function in your body. Several groundbreaking studies have found that bisphenols and phthalates—two chemicals in many plastic products, like water bottles and food containers—can throw off thyroid function.

Not to mention all the toxins in our water supplies that have a negative effect on our thyroid. I have posted recently about our contaminated water supply and clean up efforts here:

I also shared Senator Feinstein’s effort to eliminate phthalates from our food packaging here:

While I totally agree with removing all the toxins we can to help improve thyroid function, it can be a challenge. The other hormones mentioned in this article by Mirel Detchiff on include insulin, cortisol and adrenaline. On the bright side, all these hormones can be balanced and you will feel better when this is accomplished, it just takes some time. Please, take my word for it: this is worth the effort!

Since we are on the subject of thyroid destroying toxins, in this article, Dr. Edward Group shares 6 additional toxins to be aware of:

This article by William C. Cole, D.C. he shares the dangers of taking too many supplements. Since he is a functional medicine practitioner, he recommends getting baseline testing,this gives you a starting point. He also discusses your diet and how tracking what you eat can be beneficial for nutrient tracking.

I have gone to a functional medicine doctor, it was the best decision I have ever made. He had lab work done and then laid out a customized plan for me to follow. He included supplements and diet guidelines. I have not felt this well in years!  Just be sure to follow #7, it’s one of the most important!


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