EPA's Failure to Regulate Our Drinking Water

The EPA and it’s failures are in the news again. The contaminate that is being targeted is perchlorate, a chemical that harms the thyroid – critical for normal growth and development – and that contaminates drinking water systems serving over 17 million people in the U.S.  The EPA determined back in 2011 that perchlorate meets the criteria for regulation as a contaminant under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Effective action to regulate perchlorate would not only protect our health but would reverse bad public policy that has put us at risk for years. The EPA has long been under strong pressure from industry and the Pentagon and its contractors to avoid setting a strong drinking water standard for perchlorate (DOD is a major source of perchlorate pollution due to its use in rocket fuel and munitions at its facilities across the country).

Here is Jennifer Sass’s full article calling for better regulation of our water supply:



In this article by Garret Ellison, he shares that The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is taking public comment until April 16 on ambient air concentrations for PFOS and PFOA. Exposure to PFAS has been linked in human studies to some cancers, thyroid disorders, elevated cholesterol and other diseases.



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