Phthalates Targeted by Senator Feinstein

Phthalates are being targeted by Senator Dianne Feinstein. Senator Feinstein (D-CA) is set to wage a new crusade in a wake of a sobering study published this week: She wants to get hormone-disrupting chemicals known as phthalates out of our food packaging. Research in both animals and humans has linked exposure to endocrine disruptors in the womb to learning and behavioral problems in young children, genital birth defects in boys, and thyroid problems in girls. In adults, they’ve been associated with obesity, certain cancers, and possibly even dementia. It’s not the first time Feinstein has spoken out against these chemicals. A decade ago, she helped lead a successful charge to have certain phthalates banned from being used in children’s toys.

You can read the full story by Ed Cara here:


This story is about P-FAS foam, it has been used to fight fires involving things like oil and other flammable liquids for years, but only recently has found to cause harm. Washington state has also proposed bans on the foam due to the high rate of cancer in their firefighters. This story was posted on WILX10.


And yet another story about contaminated water. This one is out of New Hampshire. Congress last week approved $7 million for a first of its kind national health study to look into the long-term health impact of exposure to chemicals known as PFCs.

You can read Vivian Leigh’s report here:

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