Childhood Obesity Raises Thyroid Disorders

Childhood Obesity Raises Thyroid Disorders

Childhood obesity is in the rise and with the obesity comes a rise in thyroid disorders. It’s a growing health concern that doctors say is now being linked to future health conditions in children. Children who don’t make changes to their physical activity and eating habits will continue to have negative changes in their blood work and hormones. Adding daily physical activity and taking out fast food and sugary drinks can help prevent health concerns from becoming worse according to Dr. Cayce Jehaimi, a pediatric endocrinologist with Golisano Children’s Hospital with Southwest Florida.

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This study by the European Thyroid Association was also in the news: the research was on congenital hypothyroidism as it relates to the defective development of the thyroid. To be honest, no, I didn’t read the whole study! I am just glad that they are studying how thyroid issues affect people of all ages!



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