Is There A Women's Healthcare Crisis

A women’s healthcare crisis is coming up in conversations again, by crisis I mean the fact that many women recieve inferior healthcare as oposed to men. This crisis has resurfaced in part due to the #MeToo movement but also due to the rise in autoimmune diseases.

Today, I am sharing a review by Parul Sehgal of three books that were written by women who have experienced less than quality healthcare.

These three books tell an alarming story about how difficult it is for women to access quality care; particularly those women suffering from poorly understood autoimmune disorders. Women are regarded as unreliable narrators who can’t even be trusted to speak for themselves or to testify to their own pain.

I had a doctor who totally disregarded my questions about my Graves’ Disease. He told me that he treats the disease with Radio Active Iodine and then he prescribes Synthroid, nothing else! So, don’t even ask! If he was the only doctor in my town that treated Graves’, so I completly get why these women are upset.

Autoimmune disorders have been understudied because, as one author points out, three-fourths of the patients are women and it is considered a woman’s ailment, never mind that 37 million people are afflicted, as estimated by the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association. (In comparison, 15 million Americans have cancer.)

You can read the review here:

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