Eye Health: 7 Problems Your Eyes Reflect

Eye health can reflect what is going on as far as any health problems are concerned. Did you know that your eye doctor can predict if you will experience memory loss? Not only that, there are several health issues that can be detected by an eye exam. The blood vessels in your eyes can tell if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. Graves’ disease is known for it’s effect on the eyes, causing bulging eyes for some people. Sexually transmitted diseases can also be detected through an eye exam, along with several autoimmune diseases. I know my eye doctor is very thorough when he does an exam. He asks several questions and also is good about telling me what to watch for as far as changes that may occur in my eyes or vision. (I do have Graves’ disease so I appreciate the care!)

In this article by Susan Scutti, she covers the conditions your eyes could reveal:



Spring is on the way and with it comes the excitement of outdoor activities, sporting events, and simply enjoying the warmer weather. But, what if you are just too tired to deal with life? While many just add coffee to the mix, there are actually several reasons why you are so tired.

To help to get you back on track for spring, Liz Connor and Oliver Astley explain several reasons why you are so tired and what to do about it.


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