Your Thyroid Issue: Is It A Condition or A Disease

Your thyroid issue, is it a condition or a disease? How do you know? What determines if your out of whack thyroid function is due to a condition that can be improved with diet, supplements and life-style adjustments or is it a life-altering disease? A few years ago you maybe knew a few people with thyroid disease (my grandmother had her thyroid removed, so I guess I know where my thyroid issues come from!) but now hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear about another person who is either going in to be tested or has just been diagnosed with a thyroid issue.

In this article by Mansi Chaudnary, she explains the difference between a thyroid condition and a thyroid disease. She states that a malfunctioning thyroid gland is the most common, yet the most baffling  & vaguely understood of health conditions. She goes on to explain the tests that need to be preformed when diagnosing autoimmune thyroid disease along with the factors that may have lead to developing the disease. I found this article to have some great information on thyroid disease.

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