New Marine Product for Thyroid Disorders Developed

A new marine product for thyroid disorders has been developed and is the final stages of clinical trials.  The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) is all set to launch a natural product from the sea to tackle thyroid disorders. The CMFRI has already developed nutraceutical products to treat diabetes, arthritis, and cholesterol from marine organisms such as seaweeds and green mussel. Maybe, this company in India can lead the way for more development of natural products to improve our health rather than the toxic pharmaceuticals most healthcare professionals try to push on us. Four nutraceutical products developed by the CMFRI in past have a huge demand in the healthcare market according to a company spokesperson.

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I found this article from a market research company interesting. They talk about the rapid rise of autoimmune thyroid disease driving the need for effective treatments. They move on to state that the Levothyroxine drug class accounts for 94% of the hypothyroidism treatments. That makes sense since you can’t get a traditional healthcare provider to prescribe anything but Levothyroxine! They go on to mention that alternative and herbal therapies are on the rise, which brings us back to the product mentioned in the first story today!

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