Trying To Get Pregnant?

Low iodine levels can impact fertility and not in a good way. Women who are trying to conceive but are having a difficult time need to check their iodine levels. We have to get our iodine from our diet and unfortunately it’s not found in many foods.  An deficiency can also cause brain development issues for the fetus and additional health problems for the mother. You can learn about iodine’s importance in this article from


Since we are on the subject of fertility, let’s tie in the subject of menstrual cycles. I know they are everyone’s favorite topic. Have you ever wondered why some women have a 3 day long period and others have it for over a week?

To help us to understand what is truly “irregular” and what is “normal” when it comes to our periods, Hannah Smothers and Cosmopolitan are here to explain if and when you need to be concerned:


Since it’s flu season and every store you go to plus every news outlet tells us we need to get a flu shot, I found this article by Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon-People’s Pharmacy quite interesting. The speculation on the effectiveness of this year’s vaccine is 10%. So, should you get a flu shot just to reduce the symptoms in case you do get the flu? Does the flu shot help to reduce the symptoms of the strains that are not included in  the vaccine?

You can find out here:



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