Psoriasis Or Just Dry Skin- How Do You Know

This winter has made my skin extremely dry. I had actually thought about the fact that I might have psoriasis, so when I ran across this article explaining this chronic skin condition I had to share.

This article by Grace Gold details the difference between dry skin and psoriasis and she shares steps you can take to ease the symptoms of each condition.


Also, in the “I just talked to my doctor about this” category. I had been having diarrhea due to a bug I had picked up, so I mentioned it to my doctor during my recent visit. He brought up the chance that it could be collagenous colitis. I had never heard of it, so I when I ran across this article on Bel Marra Health, I had to share the information just in case others don’t know about this.

What causes collagenous colitis? Symptoms, treatment, diet, and prognosis

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