Processed Salt Linked to Cognitive Decline

Processed salt is consumed in our diet everyday and most of us have no idea how much we are actually eating on a daily basis. Now, we have all heard how too much salt will raise your blood pressure and on the other hand, we have also been told that we all need salt in our diet to maintain our health.

Now, add to the mix, the question of, “are all salts created equal?” When the majority of us think of salt, we think of the white table salt in the shaker that is always available to add to our food during a meal or that hidden salt they keep telling us about in processed food. Then, there is the point made that we need the iodine that has been added to that processed salt to help keep our thyroid function healthy.

Now, we have a new study that shows this processed salt is dangerous to our brains. This study has evidence that our cognitive ability is diminished  by processed salt along with our immune health. All this salt is slowing the flow of blood to our brains and causing inflammation.

In this report by Katherine Marko, she shares the findings of this study and what is recommended instead:


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This report was posted on out of Raleigh, N.C.

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