Toxic Paper We Are Exposed to Everyday

Toxic Paper We Are Exposed to Everyday

Toxic paper is a danger we are exposed to everyday. A new report published this week shows the regulatory gaps in how the US manages chemicals in our food. The main chemical studied was perchlorate, a well-known endocrine disruptor. Now, it is known that this chemical has the ability to affect  thyroid fucntion and can adversely impact the developing brains of infants and children. This chemical should not be in our food and yet, it is. And the amount that is consumed is increasing.

Years ago the FDA was given the authority ensure the safety of chemicals in our food. Today, there are more than 10,000 chemicals allowed in food for use in processing, packaging, and transporting. Although, congress intended for the FDA to monitor the use and misuse of these chemicals, that monitoring has been dangerously inadequate.

The full report by Sarah Vogel. Ph.D. is below:


Another report this week highlights the dangers of store receipts. Did you know that the majority of those receipts have BPA and BPS, both known endocrine disruptors that mimic hormones like estrogen and thyroid hormone, disrupting the body’s normal functioning. The scary part is that these chemicals enter the body within minutes of contact with your skin.

You can read Beth Kemler’s report here:

New report: 9 out of 10 receipts contain toxic BPA or BPS




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