Illnesses That Mimic Thyroid Disease

Illnesses That Mimic Thyroid Disease

Illnesses that mimic thyroid disease are everywhere. If you go to a doctor with symptoms of fatigue, persistently low mood, loss of interest in normal activities, insomnia and lack of appetite, don’t be surprised if you leave the clinic with a diagnosis of depression, a prescription for an anti-depressant, and a referral to a therapist. With those classic symptoms of depression, a diagnosis should be easy. The truth is there are several illnesses that have the same symptoms as depression, but for some reason the default diagnosis is depression.

In the following article, Nirmala Ferrao, shares 4 diseases where symptoms are simular to thyroid disease:

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As we all know, thyroid cancer is on the rise. The good news is researchers are trying to find out why this is happening. The bad news is that they are finding out that the cause in right in our homes in the form of flame retardant chemicals. The study done by Duke University found the higher the level of exposure the patient had to flame retardants, the more aggressive the cancer.

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This article shares the concerns about the terrifying rise in alzheimers disease. However, the good news is that, once again, other diseases can mimic alzheimers, simular to thyroid disease.






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