Thyroid Levels and Fetal Growth Problems

Thyroid levels during pregnancy were once again the subject of a research study. The focus of this study is to determine the effect thyroid hormone levels have on the developing  fetus. According to Lauren E. Johns, PhD, MPH “Overt thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy (hyper- and hypothyroidism) haoctos been consistently linked to abnormal fetal growth and development, including low birth weight, preterm birth, decreased head circumference and neurodevelopmental delays.

It’s good to see health sites like sharing the results of these studies. It’s encouraging that doctors understand the importance of proper thyroid levels during pregnancy to help ensure a healthy baby.

Here is the full report on this study:


Not only does an under active affect the development of your baby, it may even affect your ability to conceive. Murphy Moroney shares the results of this Harvard study:



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