Preventive Cannabis: Not Just for Fun Anymore

Preventive Cannabis: Not Just for Fun Anymore

Preventive cannabis may be a entirely different way to look a health care in the U.S.  Most of us have heard that California now has recreational cannabis but what about it’s use in the preventive medicine arena.

Until recently, the mainstream medical community would hardly even consider the idea that cannabis could have a role to play in preventing serious diseases. That is slowly changing, as researchers are uncovering some of the plant’s lesser known, but potentially quite powerful, preventive medical applications.

One of the most crucial roles of preventive medicine is to help us maintain our internal balance, called homeostasis. Our bodies are working constantly to stay balanced in response to our external environment.

Then scientists discovered  the endocannabinoid system  This system has been described as being protective and necessary for life. What if we could target this system to prevent illness and maintain better health?

Not only is there a protective advantage for our health, many of us have heard about the oil from cannabis helping children with seizures and how cannabis can help with the nausea from chemotherapy.

Plus, additional research published in 2015 documented the significant reduction of the use of prescription medications in states with medical cannabis laws, resulting in almost 25 percent fewer deaths from opiates.

This article was written by Bonni Goldstein M.D. You can read all about her research here:

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