Fluoridating Water is in the News Again

Fluoridating water is still a huge debate in this country. Activists in Boston are calling for a ban on fluoride in our drinking water. “Medical mandates like this are politics pretending to be science,” said Karen Spencer, a Gloucester activist who is involved with anti-fluoridation campaigns. “No government has the right to put something into our water supplies that harms people’s health. It’s immoral.”  People who supported the ban during the hearing on Monday, said studies are increasingly linking negative health effects — such as gastrointestinal ailments, thyroid disorders, kidney diseases and even autism — to adding fluoride to the water. But, there are dentists who support adding fluoride to our water claiming it reduces cavities by about 25 percent in children and adults.

To me, this is the scary part: Many fluoride treatments these days come from industrial byproducts produced by aluminum companies, which sell fluoride compounds in liquid or powder form wholesale for about $1.10 per pound. It’s another toxic ingredient approved for human consumption by the Food and Drug Administration. “This stuff isn’t being manufactured in a pharmaceutical lab and dispensed by a doctor,” said Chris Martel, an anti-fluoridation activist from Amesbury. “It’s an industrial byproduct scrubbed out of factory smokestacks in China and indiscriminately dumped into our water supplies.”

I happen to agree with Martel:  “If you want a fluoride treatment, get it from your dentist,” Martel said. “Introducing this into the municipal water supply makes no sense.”

You can read the full report by Christian M. Wade here:



A western Michigan lawmaker wants to toughen drinking water standards related to chemicals once used by Wolverine Worldwide to waterproof shoes. A House bill introduced this week sets the state drinking water standard for concentrations of perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, at five parts per trillion. It includes PFOS, a key ingredient in the fabric protector Scotchgard.

According to State Rep. Winnie Brinks, D-Grand Rapids:  “These are chemicals that are dangerous to human health and can cause cancers, birth defects, thyroid and liver disease and other serious conditions,’’ Brinks said in a news release. “The state has an obligation to protect public health and that includes making sure our drinking water is clean.’’

Here is the report from Michigan:



In the first article I shared today, there was a dentist who supported adding fluoride to our water supply, however, in this letter to the editor at the Meadville Tribune, we have a dentist who is against adding any chemicals to our water stating “The highest quality water is just H20.” He also adds “The people of Meadville should be outraged at the prospect of receiving lower quality water. Fluorine is a very reactive halogen and competes with essential iodine for proper thyroid health. Fluoride is an enzyme disruptor, and should never be taken systemically. Its primary action orally is topical — much of its anti-cavity effect comes from its anti-bacterial action due to its enzyme disruption capabilities. If Fluoride is added, then I would recommend that the water only be used as a mouthwash.”

You can read his letter here:




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