Mood Swings and Thyroid Disease

Moods swings can make your life a living hell and the mood swings that come with thyroid disease are some of the nastiest! How do I know? Because I am one of those people! Yes, I am admitting that I can be a mean, nasty, uncaring person and no one misses out on the terror I can create!

Now, I’m sure you want to know why I am this way; more importantly, you want to know why I would confess to this terrible behavior?

I am sharing this with you because there is a perfectly good reason why I go crazy sometimes; it all has to do with my thyroid hormone levels in my body! When my thyroid hormone levels are too low, I turn into a person I don’t recognize! I am angry, depressed, anxious, critical, and basically hate everything and everyone anywhere near me! This is to the point in our house that my partner, Ron, will say “Are your thyroid meds OK? You are not yourself.” He also knows when I haven’t been eating a clean diet, because the toxic ingredients in some foods will also create havoc with my mood, sounds crazy but it happens.

All this craziness that happens in our home came up when I shared this article on Ask Amy with Ron. His comment was “sounds like you at times.”

I couldn’t agree more with Amy when she says to have a person’s thyroid levels checked; because living like you are walking on eggshells is no fun!!!!


This article by Claudia Tanner shares how she changed what she ate and how she cooked to loose weight and eliminate health problems for herself and her daughter. And, no I am not suggesting you buy an Instant Pot, just eat healthy food and take care of yourself.


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