EPA and The Chemical Cleanup Problem

The EPA is working to improve their response to cleaning up dangerous chemicals in our soil and water. One chemical they are focusing on is PFOA, a industrial chemical that has contaminated many private wells in Vermont, as well as several areas across the country. It is just one of the perfluorinated compounds that has been found in water and soil across the country. The chemicals have been linked to a number of health effects such as thyroid disease, high cholesterol, low birth weights and testicular cancer, so clean up of these toxins is vital!

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Now, I am going to move on to become a Debbie Downer! I say this due to the fact the next article is about the dangers of fireworks. Yes, fireworks! I enjoy fireworks just as much as everyone else, but we have to be concerned! A less-known fact is that fireworks contain significant amounts of perchlorate , a chemical of particular concern because of its potential effects on fetal brain development. The importance of thyroid hormone for pregnant women and young children cannot be understated: The lack of either iodine or thyroid hormone during early development, especially the fetal and perinatal periods, results in lower IQ as well as an increased risk of neurodevelopmental disease such as (ASD) or (AD/HD).

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