Levothyroxine: Is It A Waste of Money

Is levothyroxine a waste of money? This is the question being asked after a recent study found this medication ineffective and labeled it a waste of time and money. To clarify, this study was done on people who are 65 and older and was done in the UK.

The placebo-controlled study involved 737 pensioners over the age of 65 with persisting hypothyroidism meaning their thyroid gland was not producing enough hormones.

Each patient had a mild form of the illness, which affects up to one in 10 older people, and displayed the telltale signs of tiredness, fluctuating weight and muscle weakness among others.

However, Prof Stott said they tested each area during the drug trial finding no evidence levothyroxine was effective form of treatment. He went on to state that levothyroxine is the most prescribed drug in the U.S. and ranks 3rd or 4th in the UK or Europe.

You can read the full story by Paula Murray here:



This article addresses an old wives tale. Mainly, that being cold does not give you a cold or any other illness. In fact, it turns out that exposing your body to cold temperatures for short periods of time is a good thing, and many cultures around the world recognize this.

In this article, Liivi Hess shares the health benefits of cold thermogenesis. Since most of us are always cold due to thyroid disease, I find it interesting that cold will help your thyroid.



In this article by Rachel Sloper, she shares which prescriptions that the powers that be are considering discontinuing. The list of medications covers many ailments including a thyroid hormone.


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