Brittle Nails: The Causes and Cures

Brittle Nails: The Causes and Cures

Brittle nails are a medical condition that many women deal with. I had no idea what a problem that could be until I developed thyroid disease. All of my life I had beautiful nails; long, strong, nice shape. I always received compliments on how pretty my nails were. Then along came the thyroid disease and it all changed! I couldn’t get my nails to grow past the end of my fingertips. They would have chunks break off; they had ridges running the length of the nail; layers of nail would just peel off! I was devastated! My once beautiful nails were terrible! I had always kept them polished but now it was almost impossible. I would keep polish on them just to get them to grow at all! My nails are better now, however, I know when my thyroid hormones are too low!

In this article by Angela Davis, she shares the conditions that cause brittle nails including poor nutrition and hypothyroidism.


In this article by Pallabi Dey Purkayastha, she writes about nail fungal infections. Not a very fun topic, but good information on how you would get the infection and more important, how to treat it.


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