Fresh and Natural Foods: But Are They?

Fresh and natural foods are part of a healthy diet, but how sure are you that those foods are really as fresh as you think they are? The draft Food Safety and Standards (Advertisement and Claims) Regulation lays down that the term “fresh” can only be applied to products which have not been processed in any manner except washed, peeled, chilled, trimmed and put through other processing necessary for making it safe for consumption, without altering its basic characteristics. The draft, which is with IANS, also seeks to restrict the use of the word “natural” to only food derived from a recognised source such as a plant, animal, micro-organism or mineral and to which nothing has been added. This draft, prepared by the Food Safety and Security Authority of India (FSSAI), also clearly mentions that “fresh” or “freshly” shall have no other connotation than the immediacy of the action being described.

Now, I realize that this is in India, but this type of advertising is dishonest and misleading.  And it’s done a lot! I am very encouraged that attention is being brought to this issue. Many of my readers deal with health issues brought on by dangerous additives in their food, so it’s past time that these dangerous ingredients are eliminated, including here in the United States!


India to restrict terms like “fresh”, “natural” in food ads


Since we are talking about food, I found this interesting article on pine nuts. I had no idea that these seeds are so healthy.

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