Gout: Current Treatments And How to Avoid It

Treating Gout And How to Avoid It

Gout is a very painful and can show up in your life at the most unexpected times. In this story, the patient developed the problem after having thyroid surgery several years ago.

This aliment has been called the “King’s disease.” According to Dr. Jenna King, “gout comes from eating a lot of red meat, a lot of shellfish. It actually comes from high fructose corn syrup, too, which a lot of people don’t know — so things that are hiding in regular sodas and processed foods, Gout is actually an inflammatory arthritis that is caused by the buildup of uric acid in our body. Uric acid comes from different types of food that we eat.”

You can watch Dr. King’s video here:



With the holidays here, many of us face a stress filled season that puts our adrenals and immune systems into overload.

In this video, nurse practitioner Tami Pearce talks about managing stress and adrenal dysfunction.  They also have a website and phone number so you can get more information.




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